BELEE'S is a family brand, and Annetta Walcott is its CEO and creator. Annetta is a certified cake designer. Her passion for baking has led her to design treats for different events from birthday parties to other social gatherings. The name of the brand, BELEE'S, comes from the combination of Annetta's close relatives, who are her mother Brenda, her maternal grandmother Beadie, her paternal grandmother Mary Lee, and her daughter Tonnetta Lee Walcott including herself Annetta Lee Walcott. Growing up as a child, Annetta was raised at a farm. She watched her mother and grandmothers bake many delicious desserts and treats throughout her life, so she also learned to bake along the way. Her gift for baking became her passion. Now Annetta wishes to share her passion for baking with others by presenting many delicious works for different events or on a regular day of the week. Annetta's gift for baking is a blessing which will be passed down to her children Tonnetta Lee Walcott and Allen Mark Walcott and many generations to come. BELEE'S is not just a brand. It is a gift from God.